Founded in the Alto Adige region of Italy in 1953, Ambach has grown to become a leader in the supply of professional kitchens to locations around the world. With over 65 years of experience and expertise, Ambach now represents the perfect combination of industrial production and artisan craftsmanship. Today we provide our many clients and customers on every continent, with a unique blend of manufacturing creativity, capability and customisation typical of artisanal production, along with high standards of quality, reliability and service. Our continued commitment to our clients is not limited to production: thanks to our qualified and competent team, Ambach offers consultancy services that are able to provide specific, highly specialised solutions that serve the needs of each client.      


Founded in 1953

Member of Ali Group since 1989

80 employees

10,000 m²

own R&D for continuous innovation

15 Mio Euro Turnover

Focused on Project Business

Specialist of Horizontal Cooking Equipment

Representatives Offices in Germany, UK, U.A.E., South East Asia

Exporting to over 70 countries in the world

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Established in Italy in 1963, Ali Group is one of the main global leaders in the hospitality and restaurant industry. With 58 production sites and 80 brands, it develops, produces and markets the widest range of food service equipment on the market. Thanks to a continuous commitment to research and development the Ali Group provides innovative, efficient, robust and technically advanced products, that are environmentally friendly and best meet the needs of catering facilities in every kind of business operating, in both the private and public sectors. Striving for excellence is the heart of the Ali philosophy, a principle that is a constant source of inspiration for the Group and its companies. Although the individualistic and autonomous structure of the Group allows companies to develop and nurture innovation and specialist knowledge best suited to their particular products and markets, collaboration and the exchange of best practices is encouraged. Meaning that Ali Group companies and brands develop the innovative market leading products required by today’s hospitality and catering businesses.


Located in the heart one of Italy’s most environmentally friendly regions Ambach has long been recognised for its commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. We continue to strive to operate our manufacturing processes and business in a way that respects not only our local environment, but that of the wider world.

As part of our commitment to sustainability 90% of the energy we presently use comes from renewable sources and it is our intention to improve this figure to reach 100% by 2020. Our production cycle uses no polluting chemicals and releases no harmful emissions, we recycle all recyclable products and materials and minimise all waste throughout our business.

All Ambach products are manufactured using high grade, 100% recyclable stainless steel, electrical parts and components contain no harmful elements and all packaging materials, including those made of wood and cardboard, are 90% recyclable, complying with the strictest packaging regulations.

Ambach products meet the strictest equipment efficiency standards and comply with all gas and electricity safety regulations.

Ambach has designed and manufactured energy efficient catering equipment and kitchens for many years. All our products feature class leading energy saving elements, from precise thermostats that help avoid energy wastage, to highly efficient insulation that reduces heat loss. Innovative design such as indirect cooking units improve overall performance and efficiency by reducing cooking times by up to 50%, that also reduces energy use and operational costs.

Induction cooktops provide a 93% efficiency, compared with an average of 55% with more traditional systems. And through their technically advanced control systems and innovative design solutions, our latest pressure pots and pans deliver market leading  productivity and efficiency.

In addition, all Ambach prime cooking products can be seamlessly integrated into a single hygienic work surface making cleaning quicker and easier, reducing the consumption of water and use of detergents.


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